FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions about NISEP



1. ISO 9001 vs. ASME NQA-1 ; How do they compare?

There are many similarities between the two documents. For instance, several requirements are present in both such as document control, internal audits, control of records, corrective actions, etc. However, as a regulatory document, ASME NQA-1 is very prescriptive in its implementation while ISO 9001 provides a great deal of flexibility in how the requirements are implemented depending upon the needs of the supplier and what is expected from the customer. Also, ISO 9001 is very much focused on achieving customer satisfaction while NQA-1 has a strong emphasis on quality control and compliance with requirements.

Also, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has published a comparison between the standards... Comparison of NQA-1 and ISO 9001

2. Will my ISO 9001 Registration give me any credit toward NISEP Certfication?

We currently cooperate with Aston-Global Certifications. NISEP certification will work with Aston-Global ISO 9001 Registration to ensure that processes consistent between the two standards are recognized and audit time is reduced as appropriate.

3. What is the structure of NISEP?

NISEP members elect a Steering Committee that sets the policies and procedures of the program. The intent of the program is to include representation from all areas of the supply chain to ensure that program requirements are suitable to all. Further, the Certification Review Committee has an oversight of the results of all audits and issuing certifications.

4. How long does it take to get NISEP certified?

Implementation of your NQA-1 program is dependent upon the status of your current system, the amount of time/manpower that can be devoted to your implementation project, and the complexity of your product.

5. Where can I get training on ASME NQA-1?

Information on NQA-1 Lead Auditor Training can be found at www.NQA-1.com